A Streamer Blitz

YoungSub3 can be seen live on Twitch

YoungSub aka Jack aka Subby aka Mango boi

Jack, a sports announcer turned Twitch music streamer. What can I say about Jack? Well I believe he is responsible for leading me to more wonderful music streamers than any other one person I know of. He is an incredibly nice and down to earth kinda dude. He is very passionate about the Twitch Music community and desires the success of others above his own. He also has an excellent singing voice so don’t let him tell you otherwise. He has also begun creating a music library of his own. I find anyone who is able to write music quite impressive. Having tried it myself a time or two the one thing I learned is that doing so is a monumental undertaking.

Catch a Sabyspark live stream here

Sabyspark aka Saby aka sabyshark do do do do dooo

The first thing I noticed about Saby’s stream was the very welcoming and humorous environment. There are always many hilarious interactions between Saby and her regular chatters. I frequently find myself laughing and always have an enjoyable time. I was in awe when I first heard her play an original tune titled “The Story” both her voice and the lyrics were so heartfelt. The unique timbre of her voice magnificently conveys the emotion of all the music she performs. I frequently see Saby in other streams supporting the Twitch music community in addition to organizing events and participating in charity streams. The Twitch music community is truly made up of some of the greatest people around and she is no exception.   

To catch Missy live go here. Listen to her music on Spotify the YouTubes and see her outstanding artwork right here.

ValerieAlcazarMusic aka MissyAlcazarMusic aka Misty 

Missy, Valerie, Misty I could go on. There is so much to say about Missy but I will limit myself in case there are innocent eyes reading this. Joking aside Missy is a superbly charming performer. She was formerly a dueling pianist performing at locations all across the west coast and an entertainer at Disneyland; it most assuredly shows. There is never a dull moment in her streams and I mean that literally. Every time I watch one of her streams some new crazy thing is happening; sometimes I am shocked other times I am amazed but more often it is both simultaneously. Her voice demands attention whether she is performing an energetic bop such as “Yeah” or bringing tears to your eyes with “Goodbye” you don’t want to do anything else but listen. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention her many other achievements including: being an award winning singer-songwriter, managing both a piano and an art studio in addition to various philanthropic projects. She is a master of many crafts.

Missy has a plethora of amazing art

Find Holly on Twitch, Spotify, YouTube & Bandcamp as well as anywhere else you may listen to music.

HollyTatnall aka Holly

Holly started her Twitch journey recently but her experience with music is incredible. Her background with production, composition, sound design etc shines through not only in her song library which has truly extraordinary production but also her Twitch streams. She is constantly striving to make songs and loops just that much better. I have heard many Taylor Swift loops that have made me giddy with excitement. I had a very enjoyable time listening to her music on Spotify. It makes for great late night chill tunes; “Gaslight”, “Let Me Go” and “Star City” are among my current favorites. There has been difficulties with the streaming process as she’s gotten started but I have enjoyed being apart of both the good and the bad times because firstly it’s nice to know I’m not the only one experiencing bad Twitch tech issues and also because the sort of behind the scenes look allows for getting to know a person better and therein finding an even greater connection to their music. In short Holly is remarkable and you should go check out her music.

Catch Mirabelle on Twitch and find her music on Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp

Mirabellejien aka Mirabelle

I only very recently discovered Mirabelle but I was instantly blown away by the brilliant harmonies I heard upon entering her stream. I love the fact that music can be soft and quiet yet also unbelievably powerful. I was of course lurking as is usually do but despite that I enjoyed the very calm and inviting environment that she and her community created. Also she is currently studying in Toronto, Canada! At this point I am convinced that place is some sort of magical leyline located there and nobody can convince me otherwise. There are far too many brilliantly talented streamers in Toronto for it to be a coincidence. Anyway getting back on track Mirabelle has an EP and a couple singles all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I promptly added her track “Wildfire” to my favorite sad bops playlist. As someone who has watched more than one person close to me battle cancer it really hit close to home. It does an amazing job at conveying both the despair you face as well as the hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Many links incoming: Live streams found on Twitch. Music located on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, her website & the musical she is a part of can be found on Spotify as well

Katie Dwyer aka mama_katie

The fact that it took me this long to shout out Katie is a big mistake on my part. Especially since last year she dropped a number of marvelous singles. She already released another one this year “Wrong with Me” which I found to be an incredibly moving and relatable song about the struggles we have that we perhaps don’t share and that others cannot see. Throughout all her tracks you will find superb use of metaphors and moving messages. Each track feels so very truthful as if she is opening a window to her life and allowing others in. I have said before how much I love the genuine nature of independent singer-songwriters and that certainly applies here. If you want to check out even more exceptional music by Katie than you should also check out the Control EP by Moon & Sea (the track “The Good Days” is awe-inspiring it has such a sensational beat to it which along with the lyrics just makes you feel good) which was also released last year, it is stellar!

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