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Recently I have delved back into editing a book I am writing; specifically the dialogue because it is atrocious on an after school special like level. I wasn’t really making much head way. So I decided to go to songwriters for inspiration. I drove outside the confines of civilization until I had no cellular service and began to write down artists, songs and lyrics that came to my mind. Not surprisingly what was fresh on my mind was the songs of musicians I have come to know over the last eighteen months or so on Twitch. By the time I was done I had a list of thirty plus artists and a portion of lyrics from each track. When I got back into the city I made a playlist with each of these tracks (corrected some of the lyrics as I cried out “Samsonite, I was way off!”) and began to listen to it over and over. There were some things I learned over the course of the week as I listened to these tracks.

I gained a further appreciation for songwriters. I saw similarities between the writing I was doing and songwriting. It is a tightrope walk to construct words which portray your message without being overly cliche yet also not being so complicated that the whole purpose becomes lost and at the same time as doing all this you want to give the words a feeling that is unique to you. It was then that it really hit me the herculean task presented to each and every songwriter. Not only do you have to do everything listed previously but then you must get to a place where you are able to release your work out into the world. Which presents a slew of other things to deal with. Will people listen to it? Will they enjoy it? Will they hate it? Will they understand the message I was trying to portray? I don’t know how possible this is but I feel like at some point you have to forget about those things and put your music out there for you; so you can say you did it, feel accomplished, continue to improve and create more.

That went a off the rails a bit; more on what I learned. Writing lyrics isn’t about using fancy words or complicated rhyme schemes; its about saying what you need to say as simply as you can. You have to be genuine that is something that really shows. The words while simple can be arranged brilliantly and that is where the true genius comes in. As I really took the time to dive deeper into the lyrics of these tracks I gained a new sense of admiration for what it must take to craft song lyrics. Specifically in the examples I will list below the words are authentic, substantial and really paint a vivid picture. To be honest I hadn’t paid near enough attention to what they were saying before. I am someone who is absolutely horrible at discerning song lyrics so if I cannot find them written down somewhere I will miss some of the most significant parts of songs and their meanings. A few words here and there can make a huge difference it turns out.

I know I have said this before but I mean it even more now; I am baffled by the abilities of singer-songwriters. If there are any songwriters reading this know that whether you ever take the time to think this or not; what you do is extraordinary. The power of music extends so far beyond the power of the words themselves and the affect music can have on a person is immense. The artists and the music I have discovered on Twitch has changed my life; when you can connect and get to know somebody it changes the way you listen to the music they create and what you can glean from it in a way I cannot fully explain. While my books dialogue may still be as awful as reading a high schoolers journal; the experiences I had while attempting to write this week were transformative.

Below I have included particular parts of the aforementioned tracks that stuck out to me the most while attempting to write; along with a link to the referenced song. As is always my goal I hope for people to find artists they didn’t previously know. I have had a relatively small amount of moments where someone has messaged me saying something to the effect of “I read a post on your very okay blog and then checked out ____ and they are amazing!” Few things make me smile as much as those moments and it makes the work so very worth it.

Alanna Matty – Being WholeCause I’m having a hard time holding on
Feels like it won’t be long till I’m gone
So give me back the parts you stole
And we both go on… being whole
Melissa Lamm – Tricks On MeI’m all good. I’m looking up
But baby if I’m honest you know I’ve been taking stock,
Of every perfect little win,
And every perfect loss I meet
Natalie Holmes – Immune to ItI got two minds
And they’re both right
Only one fights a little harder.
It’s tough love and I thought I was immune to it,
But it turns out that I’m new to it.
The Complements – Lend a HandI know you’ve been feelin’ off, not yourself lately
Like the world won’t understand
If you think that you’re not strong enough for the fight you’re facing
Brother, I will lend my hand
Calvin Thomas – Open up to MeDon’t you worry about the time
It’s not the boss of you or me
Paint the picture that’s overdue
Show me the smiles buried deep in you
Matty Twigg – Dying LightIt hurts so much more not to feel,
I’m throwin myself into the hurricane,
I’d cry if I could,
for something real
Saby Spark – Deep In Your EyesUp in the sky
The brightest sun begins to rise
But there’s a storm you feel inside
All black and white
Young Sub-Jack Nadeau – Epiloguea mind might cling to a memory,
a fist might hold to a grip,
many days may pass us by,
but pain keeps a grasp on the whip
VoiceUnmuted-Katie – If I Showed You My Scars Would You Still Want To Know Me?They always told me I was strong, I’m
Silenced by the courage they perceive
I don’t know how much longer I can keep the facade up, I
Feel like I’m bursting at the seams…
Hadi – From StoneMy heart’s like canvas
Your hands like brush
You’re just like an artist
With every touch
Cause you turn coal from stone
Josh Taerk – Learning to Let GoThrowing stones into the water
Watchin our reflections rearrange
And when we get back to the stillness
The stillness that we’re facing has been changed
Lisa Ritchie – MapsYou said we’re like maps, we all change from battles past.
With victory and loss, only few will count the cost.
used in love and war, bodies tattered and they’re torn.
Drawn with lines and coordinates, used in only present tense.
Kate McGill – It’s Different Nowand when i wake you’re not the first thing i think about
and though my love for you has never ever been in doubt
it’s like time was all i needed to be fine without you
it’s different now
Kashka – Signsnever-ending work to be done
push harder to become one
a little further, that’s where we’ll go
gotta risk it, how will we grow
Holly Tatnall – GaslightGive away, give away nothing,
This façade of generosity,
Didn’t believe you were worth something,
It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy
Mirabelle Jien – Know YouI find it strange, how I think of you
I’m mixed with feelings of I wish and I don’t want to
It doesn’t help, that I barely know you
Because now i’m more intrigued but I can’t reach you
Katie Dwyer – RunningI might take the road less traveled
Turning in circles but I won’t come unraveled
I’m getting closer to what I want
I can see it, I can hear it, I can feel it
MariGO – Distant LoverIf you will be my distant lover,
I’ll send you letters as I discover,
The gifts and the curses I have to offer this world
Wonder Truly – The AwakeningYour song sounds so much sweeter
On someone else’s tongue
When it’s your advice they plagiarize
Set you jaw or set to rise
I wanna write a story
About mercy moving a man
Is my honesty just a hollow seed
Is there courage where I stand
Danielle Allard – LullabyYou quell the storm that’s inside me.
Cured by this sweet love affair.
I’ve found peace in the sound of our silence.
Peace in the crisp morning air.
Raym – WaitingThere are creatures lurking
All around these waves
How am I supposed to know
Youre the one
This could be all I ever wanted
Or it could all come crashing down
Hayley Wilson – Easy to meWhen you feel like you’re dreaming
That’s when I awake
When you tell me you love me
That’s when my heart breaks
Emmaormusic-Emma O’Reilly – CountWhen you feel like you’re dreaming
That’s when I awake
When you tell me you love me
That’s when my heart breaks
Tyler Levs & Joliet4 – Caught Up (Let Me In)Pieces of a heart sunk down below
Roots sinking in with little time to grow
Broken by the hands that I used to hold
Cautious but I need to know
Are we just too caught up
Missy Alacazar – GoodbyeYes it’s time to let you go
And keep on living
Keep forgiving
Yes it’s time to say goodbye
Jenem – StorylinesBehind every set of eyes
Oh there’s a thousand storylines
As I look into your eyes
I’d like to write some with you
Lia Menaker – ImprintedAll the misinterpretations
Dictating where we go
Grief and pain internalized
Labeled and classified
As reasons we’re less than whole,
Such stories we see
Charlie A’Court – Chains of GoldYou can’t give me thorns
And call it a throne
You can’t give me jail
And call it my home
All this time
Been lovin in vain
Chains of gold
Are chains just the same
Paul Grant – HomesickHomesick
Oh you can’t control it
It won’t last long it’s just a blip
The rains come down like a victory
Trying hard not to shatter your memory
Jess Novak – Ball of ClichesI’m a ball of clichés
Tied up nicely in complete disarray
Would you help me find my way
Jennifer Jess – CrazySeen the stars in the sky (In the sky)
They’ve aligned for you and I, (For you and I)
Perhaps I’ll let you in, cause with time you’ve proven
To be everything you say you are
Annelle Staal – SweatshirtI’m all torn up, but somehow okay
And it sucks, out of luck
How has so much changed
But I slept with my sweatshirt
And it kinda felt the same
Resurrection Fern – Shades of GreyIt was a whirlwind of laughter
Of darkness and light
An eerie sort of beauty
So wrong and so right

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